The so-called 10 laws of fundraising remain important reminders and guidelines for all of us engaged in this important ministry. Despite all the changes that have and continue to develop in technology, social media, and electronic communication, it’s good to know that these principles remain unchanged.

Generous Matters

While cleaning out a file cabinet that hasn’t been touched for several years, I came across “The Ten Immutable Laws of the (Fundraising) Universe,” dated 2003. Scanning the list, I’m reminded that the more things change in our world, the more they stay the same.

In his preface to the 10 laws, author Carl Richardson describes the universe of fundraising as “guided by certain provable statements. Tested by experience, observation, and results, these laws of fundraising determine to a large extend the success of our efforts.”

Technology may have opened grand new horizons for fundraising programs, but there’s much to said for the time-proven wisdom of years past, including the following 10 laws (bold face, Richardson; plain face, me).

Law #1: No group of individuals is waiting to give (also known as the Law of the Nonexistent They). We’ve got to be out there, beating the bushes, taking…

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